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1. Does Tibia Retro not have a Discord? What's the reason for not having a Discord?

2. Does the server intend to close?

3. Is the team aiming for some type of revenue or profit?

4. Does the Tibia Retro team have a normal life, with family, work and normal daily tasks?

5. May I suggest a question and answer here?

6. Is Tibia Retro free?

7. Is there a dedicated page to say about Tibia Retro?

8. Are there plans for new version updates?

9. Is the Game Worlds system here the same as in the real Tibia?

10. Do Tibia Retro intend to have more game worlds?

11. Does Tibia Retro have a Tasks system?

12. Is Tibia Retro customized?

13. Can anyone register a Twitch channel here on the website?

14. Does Tibia Retro have a store to buy items?

15. Is there any benefit for Guild teams to play in Tibia Retro?

16. Is there a system for transferring characters between worlds?

17. What are the benefits of donating to the server?

18. Is there a premium account system in Tibia Retro?

19. Is there any initial incentive in Tibia Retro?

20. Does Tibia Retro have an anti DDoS system?

21. Is there any benefit to streaming Tibia Retro on Twitch?

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