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Tasks in the Client: Now, you no longer need to look for NPCs to get tasks. All tasks are available directly in your game client, offering convenience and immediate access.

Quest Tracker: The client-integrated task system is perfectly aligned with our Quest Tracker. This means you can easily track the progress of your tasks and goals in real time, always staying on track.

Improved Quest Log: Your Quest Log has been improved to include all the necessary information about your active tasks. Stay up to date with the details of tasks, requirements and rewards with just one click.

Multiplied Rewards: Now, the experience (XP) granted for completing a task is multiplied by your current experience level! This means that the more experienced you become, the greater the rewards you receive.

Exclusive for Experienced Players: Please note that the task system integrated into the client is not available to beginner Rookgaard players. As you progress through your adventures, you will have access to this exciting functionality.


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