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28 Feb 2024 -
We are pleased to announce that a major bug in the house auction system has been successfully...

We are pleased to announce that a major bug in the house auction system has been successfully identified and fixed. Previously, some users experienced issues maintaining world selection when navigating between different parts of the auction system, especially when placing bids on houses. This caused inconveniences, such as the loss of the character list and the need to reselect the world with each new view or action.

With the fix implemented, you can now browse and place bids on the home auction system more smoothly and without interruptions. The world selection will remain consistent when viewing different houses, and the characters available for house purchase will be maintained correctly throughout the entire process.

We encourage everyone to visit the home auction system and experience the improvement. We appreciate your patience and support as we worked to resolve this issue. We remain committed to providing the best possible experience on our website and are always looking for ways to improve.

If you encounter any other problems or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank everyone for their continued passion and support.

17 Feb 2024 -
From now on, it is possible to make donations using bitcoins and 35% more points.

From now on, it is possible to make donations using bitcoins and 35% more points.

17 Feb 2024 -
We have just released a new questions and answers page, click here to see.

We have just released a new questions and answers page, click here to see.

14 Feb 2024 -
We had some inconveniences this afternoon and we sincerely apologize for that, but everything is...

We had some inconveniences this afternoon and we sincerely apologize for that, but everything is now back to normal.

1 Feb 2024 -
We are excited to announce that in the next few days we will launch an update to our new task...

We are excited to announce that in the next few days we will launch an update to our new task system, everything will be reworked, you will soon discover the news.

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Area Concept - Ice Islands
Ice Islands The area concept is a very important document to create a new update. The complete new area must be described there in detail to have the same background for map, books and NPCs. Today, we present you parts of this year's area concept in which you can read many interesting facts about the new area
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New World: Calmera (read more)

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15.2.2024 -
New World Calmera on February 29, 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that the big day is almost here: 

Calmera, our newest world inspired by Tibia's classic Non-PvP world peace, will be officially released on February 29, 2024. This will be a historic milestone in our journey, offering a haven for exciting adventures while maintaining the peaceful essence that so many of you have enjoyed. Calmera promises to be a world where every corner hides secrets to be discovered and challenges to be overcome.

As we approach this highly anticipated launch, we invite all players to prepare to be the first to set foot in Calmera, shape its history, and define the legacy of this incredible world. Character creation is now open, allowing you to reserve your place in this adventure from the very beginning of this world. Don't miss the chance to contribute to the construction of Calmera, sharing your ideas, expectations and suggestions in the new dedicated space on our forum and, above all, sharing with your friends. Join us at this monumental event and let's, together, make Calmera an unforgettable world, reflecting the passion for Tibia Retro!


Yours sincerely,

Tibia Retro Team

2.2.2024 -
February Update

t is with great excitement that we announce an update to our game! Ready for a great modification? We are bringing the current task system directly to the game client, making your experience even more engaging and dynamic!

Now, you will no longer need to depend on NPCs to receive and complete your tasks. With the new task system in the client, you will have full control over the missions you want to carry out. Want to explore mysterious new lands? Or perhaps take on epic challenges? It's your choice!

This new system offers incredible flexibility. You will be able to browse through a variety of exciting tasks, choose the ones that interest you most and go in search of epic adventures. Plus, the intuitive interface makes tracking your progress a breeze, all linked to your quest tracker like before.

We're excited to see how players adapt to this new game mode. Get ready for an exciting journey full of rewards and challenges. We're committed to offering you the best gaming experience possible, and this update is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more details and launch soon. Get ready to explore, fight and conquer like never before in our game world!



Yours sincerely,

Tibia Retro Team

10.1.2024 -
Big News: Launch of Multiworld Calmera

ear players,

We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch a new multiworld called Calmera, inspired by the classic Non-PvP world from Calmera will be a haven for exciting adventures, whilst maintaining the peaceful essence that many of you have loved in the past.

We are at a Crossroads of Decisions! - We are still debating whether Calmera will have a harder or easier progression rate. We want this world to be shaped by the preferences and ideas of our community. Therefore, your opinion is crucial!

Send us your Suggestions - We are open and eager to hear your ideas and suggestions. We want Calmera to be a world that reflects the desires and imagination of our players. Share with us what you think would make Calmera a unique and exciting world!

Preparation for Future Adventures - We will soon open character creation for Calmera. Stay tuned for more information and prepare to be one of the first to explore and shape the story of this exciting new world!

Space for Discussion: New Tab in the Forum - Calmera

Along with the exciting news of Calmera's launch, we have one more important announcement: we've created a new tab on our forum, specifically dedicated to Calmera. This space is dedicated to you, our valued community, to share your ideas, suggestions and thoughts about the new world.

Join the Debate - The Calmera tab on the forum is your space for discussion and sharing. We want to hear everything you have to say: your expectations, ideas for progression rates, types of challenges, and any other suggestions that could enrich the Calmera experience.

Building Calmera Together - We believe in the power of community to shape the journey in our game. Therefore, every post, every suggestion and every debate will be valuable for us in building this new world. Your voice has power and can direct the future of Calmera.

How to Participate - Visit our forum, find the Calmera tab and start sharing your ideas. We look forward to seeing the vibrant and creative discussions that emerge in this space.

We look forward to your contributions and ideas. Together, let's make Calmera a world that reflects the passion and creativity of every player!

We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, let's make Calmera an unforgettable experience!


Yours sincerely,

Tibia Retro Team

28.12.2023 -
A Spectacular New Era: Our Server Embraces the Fantastic Multiworld!

A Game Revolution!

It is with immense pleasure and almost uncontrollable excitement that we announce a revolutionary change to our server: the introduction of the innovative Multiworld System! This transformation isn't just an update - it's a complete revolution in the way the game is experienced.

Welcome to the World of Tenebra!

Initially, all of our beloved players were carefully relocated to the mysterious and enchanting world of Tenebra. Get ready to explore unknown territories, face new challenges and discover hidden secrets in this exciting new environment!

The Future is Bright and Full of Surprises!

But we don't stop there! We're working full steam ahead to bring you even more worlds, each with its own charm, unique challenges, and unique features. These new worlds won't just be different settings - they'll offer entirely new, personalized gameplay experiences!

Our Commitment to Innovation

Our team is buzzing with ideas and news that we can't wait to share with you. We are committed to making our gaming community the most vibrant and excited in gaming!

Get ready for Unforgettable Adventures!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates, as they promise to transform the way you play and interact on our server. Get ready for epic adventures, mind-bending challenges and lots of surprises that will rock your gaming world!


With affection and dedication,

Tibia Retro Team

8.12.2023 -
Exciting Twitch Streaming Features Now Available on Tibia Retro!

ear Players,

Good news for all Tibia Retro gamers and Twitch streamers! We are thrilled to announce new features that integrate Twitch streaming directly on the Tibia Retro platform. This integration means more visibility for streamers and an enriched gaming experience for our community.

Stream and Shine on Tibia Retro

Are you streaming your gameplay on our server? Now you can amplify your reach! Simply register your channel with us, and your live stream will be featured directly on our website. This not only increases your channel's visibility but also lets the Tibia Retro community easily find and join your live adventures.

How to Register Your Twitch Channel

Registering your channel is straightforward and free:

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Twitch Channel Registration"

Include your channel name in the email.

Once registered, your stream will automatically appear on our dedicated Twitch streams page when you're live.

Tailored Title Options for Streamers

To ensure your stream gets recognized and featured on our platform, use one of these titles after your channel registration:

  1. !tibiaretro

These titles help our system identify your stream as part of the Tibia Retro community, ensuring it's displayed prominently to our viewers.

We are excited to see how these new features enhance your streaming and gaming experience. Get ready to stream, gain viewers, and become a part of our ever-growing Tibia Retro community!

For more information and updates, stay tuned to our website and social media channels.


Best regards,

Tibia Retro Team

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