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Tibia Retro Staff reserves the right to stop destructive behaviour in the game and forum. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, the following offences:

1. Names

a) Names which contain insulting (e.g. "Bastard"), racist (e.g. "Nigger"), extremely right-wing (e.g. "Hitler"), sexist (e.g. "Bitch") or offensive (e.g. "Copkiller") language.

b) Names containing parts of sentences (e.g. "Mike returns"), nonsensical combinations of letters (e.g. "Fgfshdsfg") or invalid formattings (e.g. "Thegreatknight").

2. Cheating

a) Exploiting obvious errors of the game ("bugs"), for instance to duplicate items. If you find an error you must report it to Tibia Retro Staff immediately.

b) Intentional abuse of weaknesses in the gameplay, for example arranging objects or players in a way that other players cannot move them.

c) Using tools to automatically perform or repeat certain actions without any interaction by the player ("macros"). You get deleted for using any kind of macro.

d) Manipulating the client program or using additional software to play the game.

e) Playing on more than two accounts at the same time ("multi-clienting"). It does not matter if you have multiple PCs, only 2 characters per IP is allowed.

f) Blocking hunt spots with characters just for the sake of leveling is strictly forbidden. Blocking as a war defense is allowed. A gamemaster will judge whether it is a defense or not.

3. Statements

a) Advertising brands, products or services of third parties, content which is not related to the game or trades for real money.

b) Disclosing personal data of other people.

c) Statements that support, incite, announce or imply a violation of the Tibia Retro Rules.

d) Spreading false information or starting propaganda about the server which may cause a reduction of the servers population or harm the servers reputation.

e) Non-English statements in boards and channels where the use of English is explicitly required. English only in Game-Chat.

4. Accounts

a) Offering account data to other players or accepting other players account data ("account-trading/sharing").

b) Offering virtual items in Tibia Retro world for real money.

c) Stealing other players account or personal data.

5. Gamemasters

a) Threatening a gamemaster because of his or her actions or position as a gamemaster.

b) Pretending to be a gamemaster or to have influence on the decisions of a gamemaster.

c) Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.

6. Player Killing

a) Excessive killing of characters who are not marked with a "skull" on worlds which are not PvP-enforced. Please note that killing marked characters is not a reason for a banishment.

A violation of the Tibia Retro Rules may lead to temporary banishment of characters and accounts. In severe cases removal or modification of character skills, attributes and belongings, as well as the permanent removal of accounts without any compensation may be considered. The sanction is based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the previous record of the player. It is determined by the gamemaster imposing the banishment.

These rules may be changed at any time. All changes will be announced on the official website.

7. Ban-Policy

We reserve rights to take action against any and all accounts which we associate with a player who violated our rules. There will be no arguments regarding roommates, family members, cats sleeping on the keyboard or stolen accounts in a public wi-fi. All players are responsible for the security of their accounts themselves. Just like you are legally responsible for any crimes perpetrated from your own home network.

Staff members reserve the right to take action against accounts for any malicious behavior, even if not explicitly covered in these rules. These rules may also be updated without notice at any time.

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