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Big Server Update: The Ice Island Quest Arrives April 19th!
ear players,   we are excited to announce t...
Adm Hector028 18.04.24 22:10:42
by  Adm Hector
Okolnir map
Fixed ramps on Okolnir map for ice dragon....
Adm Hector030 05.03.24 00:05:43
by  Adm Hector
Offline game worlds
We would like to begin this announcement by sincer...
Adm Hector044 01.03.24 16:19:14
by  Adm Hector
Fix Houses
We are pleased to announce that a major bug in the...
Adm Hector056 28.02.24 00:27:42
by  Adm Hector
Donate Bitcoins
From now on, it is possible to make donations usin...
Adm Hector031 17.02.24 18:46:39
by  Adm Hector
New Page General FAQ
We have just released a new questions and answers ...
Adm Hector026 17.02.24 17:07:53
by  Adm Hector
Big News: Launch of Multiworld Calmera
ear players, We are pleased to announce that we w...
Adm Hector073 10.01.24 21:06:08
by  Adm Hector
New feature: character auction
We are excited to announce an exciting addition to...
Adm Hector055 10.01.24 03:04:41
by  Adm Hector
Multiworld System Update Completed
We are thrilled to announce that our website has c...
Adm Hector061 30.12.23 10:33:58
by  Adm Hector
A Spectacular New Era: Our Server Embraces the Fantastic Multiworld!
A Game Revolution! It is with immense pleasure an...
Adm Hector079 28.12.23 10:37:21
by  Adm Hector
A Spectacular New Era: Our Server Embraces the Fantastic Multiworld!
<p><strong>A Game Revolution!</stro...
Adm Hector0107 28.12.23 10:36:59
by  Adm Hector
VIP System and an update for the client
ear players, We have exciting news to share with ...
Adm Hector6267 13.12.23 14:20:31
by  Grim Master
Exciting Twitch Streaming Features Now Available on Tibia Retro!
ear Players, Good news for all Tibia Retro game...
Adm Hector057 08.12.23 00:29:52
by  Adm Hector
Auto Update Issue on Windows Client Resolved
ear Players, We are excited to announce that the ...
Adm Hector049 30.11.23 17:31:36
by  Adm Hector
New Look for Our Site: A Nostalgic Journey with Improvements in Progress
t is with great joy that we announce the launch of...
Adm Hector094 17.11.23 15:47:31
by  Adm Hector
Backpack of Runes
ear players, Many people have been complaining th...
Adm Hector0206 21.09.23 10:00:44
by  Adm Hector
Important Announcement: Server Conversion from Beta Test to Official!
ello everybody, We hope you're getting the most o...
Adm Hector0104 04.09.23 19:46:04
by  Adm Hector
Beta Test
ear players, We inform you that our server is cur...
Adm Hector0105 22.08.23 15:54:19
by  Adm Hector
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